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Riding Lawnmower

If you only have a small area, one that is flat and not more than a few acres you may be able to purchase a cheap lawnmower that is going to last years under these conditions. If you have five or more acres to mow, and the grass is always growing way high, you most likely are going to require at least a mid line lawn mower, one that will cost about $1,500 to do the job. You want to have a deck that is 44″ to 52″ wide to get the job done fast all the time. Remember the smaller the deck, the more you are going to have to cut, the bigger the deck, the fewer passes you have to make on going over that lawn.

If you have a lawn that is more than five acres, and you have rolling hills on your lawn you may want to invest a little more in the riding lawnmower of your choice. A riding lawnmower that is about 48″ to 52″ or more is going to best suit your needs, as it will be one of the largest. You have the options of having it turn in 180 degrees or you can have the regular type of lawn mower that will require steering in straight lines.

A large type of lawn mower is going to have different wheels. The lawnmower with just small wheels on the front and on the rear if for a flat area, without hills. The lawnmower with small wheels in the front and larger wheels in the back is for an area that has hills, so you can climb those hills easier.

Don’t forget if you are mowing more than five or six acres all the time during the summer, you are going to want to purchase a lawnmower with a larger motor so it will be able to haul, tote and pull things as well. Gardening and landscaping over large areas will be nice, when you can pull a wagon with your lawnmower as well. You will find many lawnmowers will actually come with some type of wagon, free, during special promotion times. You can also purchase wagons for any lawnmower at the same place where you are considering purchasing the lawnmower of your choice.

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