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Info of Stone Garden Benches

Stone garden benches are one of the more sturdy types of garden benches found. They are usually made from carved stone, cast stones or stone slabs, and do not require much maintenance other than an occasional dusting. Though stone garden benches are considered to be one of the most durable garden benches, it is not a very comfortable type of a garden bench as the seat is as hard as a stone! If you do think of buying a stone garden bench, it is advisable to get a bench of the right size for your use. This is because a four-foot bench may only seat a person comfortably, and two people adequately if they don’t mind sitting close to each other! Those who are just friends had better go in for a five-foot stone bench to avoid any unnecessary complications that may arise.

Depending on the stone used for the garden bench, the rate of the bench will vary. A marble stone bench costs more than a granite stone bench but the life of both types of stone benches is about the same. The choice in buying the right type of stone bench lies in the hands of the buyer. As far as possible, buy from local stone bench stores. If you see a bench you like in the catalog from another place, it would better to ask the local furniture or garden supply if they can order the bench, and thus save on the shipping costs. Who knows, the local store may deal with the same wholesalers and order the bench for you!

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