What Is Retargeting Pixel And How Is It Used In WordPress ?


Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool and also called as remarketing. It is a form of online marketing in which you can target those users who previously visited your website and that can assist you to keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. With the help of this technique, you can identify those target users who navigate to a specific part of your website.

Retargeting focuses your advertising spend on people, who already know your brand and have recently demonstrated interests. Most marketers use retargeting for higher ROI.

Different types of retargeting:

1. Site Retargeting: when a new user visits your site, the code remains available in a browser cookie. Site retargeting is the process of showing ads to that user who has visited your site. It is an effective tactic of converting site visitors into purchasers.

2. Email/CRM Retargeting: Email retargeting offers you to show ads to users or subscribers who have opened your emails. It worked like traditional site retargeting. When a user opens the email, a cookie which stored in his browser the user can identify when he browses other websites or social networks and sees your ad.

3. Social Media Retargeting (Facebook & Twitter): Social media retargeting is displaying ads on social networks. You have to identify those users who visited your site without converting.

Tricks for social media retargeting:

  • By using CPC campaign in association with retargeting
  • Retargeting with SMS
  • Mobile retargeting

4. Remarketing lists for search ads: It is different from traditional display marketing. It is a Google Adwords feature that permits the advertiser to customize their search campaigns depends on whether a visitor has previously visited their website or application.

Through this, you can use your current remarketing lists and reach site visitors when they return to Google to make a new search. Instead of showing banner ads, you show your users classic search text ads.

You can easily place retargeting pixel and code on your WordPress site. When you use retargeting plugins put your retargeting pixel or code on header and footer of any page. Include a well formatted retargeting pixel to any post or page when you are writing a post about any company.

Conclusively, with this deadly combination of retargeting and WordPress site, your site will surely get maximum visitors and conversions by implementing retargeting technology with using pixel or cookie to track site visitors.

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