Importance Of Email Marketing Automation Tools


The email marketing automation tools are designed to grow your business that helps boost your sales. Successful email marketing is all about sending the right message at right time to the right people. It is an effective method for engaging, acquiring and retaining customers to help your business thrive. Email marketing provides the highest ROI of any other channel.

In automate email marketing campaign, smart marketers know that using the right tools is crucial for creating a scalable campaign.

In this blog, we will share the best email marketing automation tools for getting the job done.

Hubspot: Hubspot uniformly ranked as one of the top email marketing automation tools. Its software enables you to build personalized, automated email workflows that can get triggered in a number of different ways. One of its top use includes streamlining email marketing through the use of automated workflows.

The Hubspot Offers:

  • Personalization from head to toe
  • Smart content powered by dynamic technology
  • Advanced list segmentation capabilities
  • Service beyond the realm of email

Through this tool, you can easily attract more visitors and leads to the website.

InfusionSoft: It puts your marketing automation on overdrive with good software that will assure you never miss an opportunity to capture and convert a lead. It serves as general task manager, to help automate standard email drip campaign tasks. The ‘My day” feature tells you which appointments you have for the day and which contacts you need to follow up with.

It offers:

  • Track web-visitors intelligence
  • Unlock real-time campaign report
  • Build landing pages and web forms without the help of developers
  • Leverage the integrated CRM to achieve email personalization

It is a very powerful tool and bit tricky to learn the ropes.

Marketo: It is one of the best email marketing automation tools presently accessible. It delivers businesses the ability to trigger email campaign, which removes much of the “guessing game”.

Marketo tools include:

  • Push notification with resonance
  • Ability to trigger email campaign
  • In-app messaging

Marketo provides documentation to get going but you don’t have direct access when you require assistance.

SharpSpring: SharpSpring provides high-powered and affordable marketing automation that identifies potential prospects at the initial stage of the buyer’s journey.

SharpSpring offers:

  • Integrated call tracking
  • Visitor identification to understand clicks
  • Built-in and third party CRM
  • Behavior-based email automation
  • Dynamic forms built for conversion

It also ensures you never miss a marketing beat with their powerful platform at your fingertips to optimize your bottom line.

SalesFusion: It enables you to capture the buyer’s journey by giving you to the tools to attract, track and convert prospect through its email automation.

It Offers:

  • Email validation and delivery tools enhance inbox placements
  • Drag and drop builder to create responsive email
  • A/B testing

SalesFusion also estimates your ROI, gives lead scoring, handles events and webinars. It is a very comprehensive onboarding process so you are set up for success.

Net-Results: Net-Result is a Denver based company, is a one-stop-shop to build, convert, connect and calculate your automated email marketing efforts. With this tool, you can automate marketing workflows, trigger marketing events with a click and power your list segmentation with big data.

This software offers:

  • Automated list management
  • Triggered automated tasks
  • Drag and drop landing pages
  • Intelligent web forms to capture leads

Net-Results also provides three-dimensional lead scoring, sales automation workflow, and social media management.

Pardot: Pardot is a Salesforce-based company, it provides cutting-edge marketing technology that places all your marketing tools SalesForce CRM, so you can connect the dots across all of your marketing channels with ease.

Pardot tool offers:

  • Scheduled email sending
  • Custom design capabilities
  • Autoresponder for your forms and landing pages
  • Email builder with responsive templates

Pardot has significant integration with CRMs and tons of other software for social. It is exceptionally user-friendly.

These are the best email marketing automation tools that can streamline a variety of marketing functions and allow to focus their efforts on other core tasks that functionally drive revenue and nurture leads.

Which email marketing automation tool do you use and why? Share your insight and please feel free to write to us.

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4 Replies to “Importance Of Email Marketing Automation Tools”

  1. I have just started a business and I am very tight in terms of budget. What could be the best Email marketing automation services that can be achieved within a low budget? I am searching for a marketing Campaign that can collect data effectively and help to engage my target audience in a better way.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m also considering GetResponse for marketing automation. They also have landing page builders, an autoresponder and it can be integrated with other services like CRM software.

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