Google Adds New “Follow” Button In Its Search Results


Google has added a new feature “Follow” button to their Google search app. Google is now bringing the option to the searcher to follow specific topics of interests. The service will not only provide you stories related to things you have searched for but also those related to trending topics and happenings in your region and throughout the globe.

After searching the topics as per their interests, users will see a ‘Follow’ button by clicking on to add the topic to their feed.

Google is also developing its machine learning algorithm, so as to make it capable of anticipating what an individual may find interesting.

Google’s search app feed is usually taken from websites and news stories which users have searched for or visited previously. It shall now include stories or news feed in your area and around the globe.

Google machine learning has the capability to measure an individual’s level of interests in different topics, which will disperse into the volume of the stories that are curated.

If your interest is more in cooking as compared to sports then your feed will reflect that means Google displays relevant stories results as you selected. If Google shows irrelevant feeds, you have an option just unfollow a topic with a quick tap.

Google will surely make an effort to bring new news feed or stories from different sources offering diverse perspectives and numerous viewpoints.

This latest feature will be available in the US and will be available internationally in the next couple of weeks for both iOS and Android.

Conclusively, this can improve user experience and users will able to fine-tune their feed by tapping a new ‘Follow’ button that accompanies search results for music, sport, movies, celebrities, and artists.

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