The Different Methods of Effectively Optimizing an App Store


Optimizing an app store has become increasingly significant – now that there are over 3 million apps currently listed in Google Play and the Apple App Store. These are huge and staggering numbers, mainly if you are a developer, trying to get your app noticed. It is absolutely crucial that you are familiar with the strategies that can increase the visibility of your apps in these stores.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some methods and strategies of an effective App Store Optimization and how you can use them in your mobile strategy.

Understand Why App Store Optimization is crucial: ASO is about designing your app’s download pages in different app stores like Windows, Apple, Google etc. in such a way that they rank higher in search results. Well designed pages, enticing images, and great description influence and encourage visitors to download, rather than prompt them to look elsewhere.

Use Quantitative And Qualitative Research: Start by collecting information in the key areas listed below.

Keywords: There are two essential ways to gather the data. The first one is by researching your competitors and the second, which is more effective, is through keyword research. You should use Google Keyword Planner for potential keywords that potential customers might be using.

 Language & Audience’s Pain points: A great understanding of your target audience’s pain points is crucial for crafting a good description. Using a language that links with their particular pain points as well as writing your copy in a tone that resonates with their requirements can be the crucial factor in deciding whether or not they press that download button.

High-Performing Image: Nothing looks more bad and unprofessional than a cluster of ugly and pixelated images. Pick out the most stunning features and insert screenshots of them along with explanatory text overlays.

Understand App Store Ranking Factor: There are several ranking factors that different app stores use and designing your page to manage as many of them as possible.

The most significant ranking factors which can improve ASO are listed below:

  • Keywords in title
  • Keywords in description
  • Quality of downloads
  • Quality of ratings
  • Publisher name and reputation
  • Number of comments

Craft your page: The anatomy of an app store listings- Craft your app page for targeting two groups of people: new customers and existing users.

Follow the guidelines below to optimize each part of your listing:

Title: It is the most important part and your main keyword for your brand name and this will make it simple to find for both current as well as potential customers.

Description: Focus on the starting 2-3 lines, this is the best chance you have to explain to your readers exactly what your app does. As per your need, you can include a more detailed feature list and call-to-action.

Images and video: The very first thing a new visitor sees is images on an app’s download page. So you should place images above the descriptive text and it must be eye-catching.

Logo: It is essential when a searcher scrolls the search results page for a keyword they have entered, they are faced with a stream of little square icons. Visitors pick an app based on a snap-decision about which logo they prefer.

Manage Reviews And Ratings: Reviews, ratings, and downloads are the important factors and help in achieving top rankings.

Here are some best methods of notching up these important stats:

Third-party Publicity: Having your app featured on a vital news or app review site can drive a huge amount of traffic. This is the way that new publishers can increase the number of users in the launching of a new app.

Your own user-base: Take follow-up of your own user and ask them to review your new app. Rewarding the members of your mailing list is one of the best ways of providing an initial boost.

Paid Reviews: It is one of the simplest ways of increasing download figures, and collecting positive reviews. Use UpWork or Fiverr to quickly get genuine reviews.

Localize For International Markets: It is one of the best ways to boost the reach of your app. According to MVL (Minimum Viable Localization), you can translate your title and description to another language. You can take this as a cue to provide a full foreign language app if the traffic is encouraging.

Conclusively, by implementing these tactics and methods, from proper keyword optimization to minimum viable localization, you will be positioning yourself for more exposure, downloads, and customers.

For more details on how a professionally trained team can benefit your business, feel free to write to us.

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