About Us

iFora, as its name suggests, is an informative business forum that every entrepreneur needs before delving into the new venture with their startup. iFora is probably the only comprehensive answer to most concerning questions that every growing business today comes up with.

iFora allows all businesses to post new queries, concerns, complaints, suggestions, guidances, and complications, within the top 12 categories at http://ifora.info/. The result is an informational forum that answers each business’s questions in the most appropriate manner. We have nearly 50 contributors currently, that are available to regularly look into the new posts and to answer them comprehensively.

iFora also guides its members through the various outsourcing methods and processes. Having been in the IT and business automation industry for over 10 years, the iFora team has a proficiency in all tasks and technologies outlined at http://ifora.info/.

Should you require an assistance personally, our highly motivated professional team is happy to help you with all your technical and non-technical concerns and would love to hear from you through direct a contact from http://ifora.info/contact-us/.

Best Wishes, iFora Team 🙂